In general, the weather in Darling is slightly warmer and dryer than in Cape Town.
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Cape Town is a year-round destination with warm summer days and cool winters. Enjoy sunshine of up to 14 hours a day along with the warmth of the locals.

The Capes climate is described as Mediterranean with warm, dry summers and mild, moist winters. The Cape has a mostly temperate climate. Near the coast, summer temperatures range from a pleasant low of 15C to highs of 27C. Inland temperatures are some 3 to 5 degrees higher, making for gorgeous summer days and nights.

Coastal winters see the mercury dropping to a mild 7C at night rising to a comfortable 18C by day. Away from the beach, morning arrives at an invigorating 5C, with midday temperatures in the region of 22C.

To many, March and April signals the arrival of idyllic Cape weather. Summer's heat subsides, the wind settles, and autumn/fall casts its crimson, orange and yellow mantle over the vineyards, generating red, russet vistas spreading from the mountain tops to the sea.

In winter (May July), the snow-capped peaks of the Cape Winelands and the Cederberg, and the lush, moist earth inevitably lead to log fires and steaming cups of hot chocolate in cosy taverns, restaurants and coffee shops. This is the time of year that we get most of our rain so expect some cloudy days, interspersed with wonderful sunshine that rivals the best of the British summer.

However, with the onset of spring (Aug Oct), the fast-retreating winter gives way to the sun, awakening a riot of colour of the spectacular wild flower displays and sending residents and guests back onto the Capes world-famous coastline of perfect beaches. This time of year is well-known for the Cape Doctor, the southeaster wind that brings delight for surfers and windsport enthusiasts.

Summer is from November to February. Expect long warm days of up to 14 hours of sunshine each day. Beaching and other outdoor activities are at a peak often starting early or in the cooler afternoons to avoid the heat of the summer sun.

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