The 'flower village' Darling is popularly known as the wildflower jewel of the West Coast, only 85 km from Cape Town. The little village is tucked away between hills of vineyards and golden wheat fields. You can explore the town on foot. Browse through the antiques and collectables and visit the interesting small craft and gift shops. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the 'stoep' of a coffee shop or farm stall, linger a while and see the locals go by.

Darling is a progressive small town with a good infrastructure and everything necessary to cover your daily needs. The village has its own supermarkets, banks, ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) facilities, a pharmacy, clinic, doctors, schools and several churches.

Although traditionally known for its spectacular wildflowers, Darling has so much more to offer visitors. Darling is becoming a new discovery area of modern Cape wines and already some of the region's wines have achieved the highest critical acclaim.
Besides the wine you may fond lots of art: 16 artists live in this West coast gem of a village!

During your stay in South-Africa it is no doubt that people will ask you 'Why Darling???'. Here you find only some of the answers you could give:

Wine farms
Within 15 minutes of Darling, you can find four beautifully situated wine farms. The ideal place for wine tasting, lunch and picnics.

Flowers and orchids
In summer the yellow wheat fields, autumn the rust colour of the vineyards, in winter the lush green hills, the birth of the arum lilies and then in spring - the immense beauty of the wildflowers.
Darling is known as the Flower of the West Coast and the abundance of flora and natural flowers is undoubtedly its biggest asset. The Darling Wildflower Show takes place each year during the third weekend in September.

Evita se Perron
The famous Evita Bezuitenhout entertains 'volk en vaderland' at her Evita se Perron theatre complex, situated in the old Darling station. On Friday and Saturday evenings the Perron is lit up by colourful lights, while local, national and international visitors enjoy traditional ' boerekos' and entertainment.

Darling has its own 9-hole golf course. Furthermore, many magnificent golf courses are available within about an hours drive. See for a list of golf courses in the Western Cape:

Buffelsfontein game park
Buffelsfontein is a game and nature reserve only 15 minutes from Darling. Different kind of animals can be seen, like for instance: Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Kudu, Eland, Oryx/Gemsbok, Blue Wildebeest, Springbok and Red Hartebeest. A restaurant and swimming pool is available and game drives can be arranged.

This seaside village lies 15 minutes from Darling. Yzerfontein is renowned for its unspoilt beaches, including the famous 16 mile beach, fantastic weather, beautiful views of Table Mountain and Dassen Island. Ad look out for the whales! There are some very nice restaurants, like for instance Strandkombuis (on the beach) and Beaches (near the beach).

!Khwa ttu
!Khwa ttu is the San Culture and Education Centre.
As a tourist visiting !Khwa ttu, you will enjoy a unique and highly informative experience. Choose to stay at !Khwa ttu for a few hours, a day or take advantage of the 'retreat-like atmosphere' by booking overnight at the camp site, 'bush cottage' or guest house.

West Coast National Park
Just 20 minutes from Darling you can find the quiet waters of Langebaan Lagoon. The West Coast National Park provides a safe heaven for thousands of seabirds, who roost on the sheltered islands and pristine golden beaches.
Don't forget to visit Geelbek Restaurant, situated in the West Coast National Park.

Many talented artists and crafters have found inspiration in Darling and can be visited at their studios. Every year first weekend of September, the Voorkamerfest takes place in Darling. It is a festival that carries an element of surprise for the audience as each theater venue ranges from a small township to one of Darling's grand Victorian homes - and further heightened as the audience is unaware which 3 of the about 21 performances they will see on their route.

Darling is a safe village where children can play on the street. It is virtually crime free. To make sure that this will not change, there is a local security agent.

Darling Tourism
Have a look at the web site of Darling for more information about what to do, what to see, where to stay, and where to eat.

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